Alice’s real life Droplet story

We love hearing how Droplet is helping people to hydrate for better health at home and this story from Alice Broome is a perfect example of the difference Droplet can make.

Alice’s grandmother, Mary moved into the family home five years ago after the family became concerned about her health. Mary suffers from swollen legs and often gets UTI’s as a result of not drinking enough and although she was once very independent, her health condition means she avoids going out as much as she used to.

Alice says: “We work together as a family to care for my grandmother but as we all work full-time, it can be tricky to ensure she is drinking enough water. Our biggest fear is that she will end up in hospital so we were trying to find solutions that would support her to drink more. We were sticking post it notes around the house to remind her to drink but then I read about Droplet in my local paper and decided to give it a go.”

Mary responded well to using Droplet and Alice found it provided a lot of reassurance that she would drink whilst she was home alone. An important and effective element for the family was the recorded messages which really prompted Mary to drink more.

“We feel guilty not being there all the time so having something like Droplet to provide those reminders fills in for you when you’re away. We loved that you can record your own messages and the great-grandchildren made some lovely personal messages telling her to drink. It gives us great peace of mind.”

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