Droplet® Ambassadors

We are incredibly proud to have worked in partnership with over 100 healthcare professionals who have helped to shape Droplet into the product that it is today. Meet our wonderful Droplet Ambassadors who have been crucial to our research and we thank them for their ongoing support.
Droplet Ambassadors – You really are amazing!

Phil Shelley

Past National Chair of the Hospital Catering Association

“Droplet supports the crucial element of hydration for healthcare professionals to monitor, manage and improve patients fluid intake. This is why at Musgrove Park we are introducing Droplet in every ward.”

Helen Russell

Care Home Manager

"Droplet has helped my residents enormously. Our Doctor has noticed that they are brighter and more animated since using Droplet."

Kerry Trunks

Senior Ward Sister

“We found Droplet has been really useful for every group of patients, not just people with cognitive impairment. Droplet’s personalised message function allows families to get involved in their loved one’s care.”

Elaine Dobson

Quality Development Manager, Care UK

“As a Quality and Compliance Manager of one of the largest providers of care in the UK I believe totally in the use of Droplet to improve hydration with significant numbers of residents in the Care Homes.”

Louise Carter

Healthcare Assistant

“I would recommend Droplet as we found it encouraged our patients to drink more which can help our patients return home quicker.”

Romeo Rotaru

Senior Support, Polebrook Nursing Home

“Introducing Droplet has made a huge improvement in our care home. The flashing light helps us know if the resident hasn’t drunk and then we can go over and help them to drink.”

Emelie James

Ward Sister, Musgrove Park Hospital

“Droplet was really exciting to be a part of and it was very effective on our ward. I think Droplet is a great initiative to have in our hospital.”

Paige Hill

Team Leader, Polebrook Nursing Home

“Droplet has helped me spot residents who aren’t drinking regularly as you can see the flashing lights when you walk past. I have noticed that since using Droplet our residents are drinking more and are more alert.”

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