Droplet® Success in Care Homes

The Droplet® Care Home Trials


The trial consisted of 45 residents across an 8 week period. The first 4 weeks of the trial, the resident’s fluid intake was monitored without the use of Droplet using fluid charts. The following 4 weeks of the trial the resident’s fluid intake was monitored with the use of Droplet. A Clinical Advisor supported the care homes throughout the trial period and collated the data. Both care homes are rated ‘good’ from CQC.


When using Droplet, residents drank on average 60% more fluids daily than from the previous month. This is an extra 500ml every day. Before the trial, 67% of residents were not drinking the minimum recommended to remain well hydrated. After 4 weeks this reduced to 8%. Droplet helped increase the alertness, health and wellbeing of the residents in Polebrook Nursing Home and Aliwal Manor Residential Home.

Why is hydration important in care homes?

Elderly residents are more at risk from dehydration because, as you age the sensation of thirst is reduced and you can’t retain as much water. Residents who have had a stroke or those who are suffering from dementia are also at greater risk as their thirst response is impaired. Dehydration is more common with those who have cognitive impairment, swallowing difficulties or poorly controlled diabetes.

How much water should we drink a day?

The European Food Safety Authority recommends men should drink 2 litres of water per day and women a slightly less amount of 1.6 litres. For various reasons people often do not drink the recommended amount of liquid each day, this can increase their risk of suffering from dehydration and dehydration related illnesses.