World’s first smart mug tackles dehydration

Innovative, practical and user-friendly; Droplet is the new modular hydration solution that actively encourages people to drink more. Featuring a simple and engaging design that supports people to independently hydrate, it has been specifically created to lessen the risk of dehydration in hospitals, care homes and at home.

Droplet Helping Dehydration

Comprising a three-part modular system: Light and Sound Reminder Base, Mug/Cup & Flow Control lid, the heart of Droplet is the highly sophisticated base that identifies when the user has not drunk for some time and uses flashing lights and recorded audio messages to remind the person to take a drink. As well as benefitting the user, it also alerts the carer so they can monitor hydration levels and patterns in patients whilst spotting the signs of potential dehydration early on.

The innovative base seamlessly attaches to either the Droplet Mug or Tumbler and can be customised to suit the environment and needs of the user. Encouraging and supportive messages can be either be pre-set or recorded by a family member whilst a handy night light glows to help the user find their cup at night.

Other key design features include:

  • The Droplet Mug, Tumbler and Lid is made from Tritan™ which is scratch, shatter, odour and stain resistant and it can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • The Droplet Mug features a broad stable base and chunky open ended handle, whilst being lightweight & comfortable to use, allowing people with weak or swollen hands to easily grip the handle or body of the mug with one or both hands.
  • The Droplet Mug and Tumbler have discreet measuring lines at 100ml and 200ml help carers record fluid levels and make thickened drinks.
  • The Droplet Mug and Tumbler insulates the heat of the drink which means users can hold the cup without burning their hands.
  • A Droplet Flow Control Lid provides dignified support to those who suffer from tremors or swallowing problems. It easily clips on and off the Droplet Mug or Droplet Tumbler and has a hole for either a Pat Saunders straw or a regular straw.
  • The Droplet Flow Control Lid has a discreet recessed spout that controls the flow of liquids including stage 2 thickened drinks and is made from Tritan for extra durability.
  • Designed with Speech and Language Therapists, who have stressed the importance of the user drinking normally. When the user drinks from the Droplet Flow Control Lid they will not need to learn a new way of drinking.

Created by Spearmark product designer, Ellie van Leeuwen who was inspired to design Droplet after her own grandmother left hospital severely dehydrated, Droplet has already been welcomed into care homes and hospitals as part of pre-launch trials.

Commenting on the launch, Ellie said: “I wanted to create a product that made it easier for patients to self-hydrate, but also supported healthcare professionals in spotting the signs of dehydration. I’m so proud of the final result and it’s wonderful to now see patients and carers benefiting so greatly from it – the feedback we’ve had from both healthcare professionals and patients has been phenomenal.”

Who can benefit from Droplet?

Droplet is designed to support anybody who might be struggling to keep themselves well hydrated. Elderly people are often vulnerable due to physiological changes in the ageing process, whilst mental and physical frailty can further increase risk of dehydration. Patients suffering from health conditions such as Dementia, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Arthritis & Alzheimer’s can also benefit from Droplet.

Droplet officially launches in April 2018.

We'll keep you hydrated

At Droplet we understand the importance of healthy hydration, but we know that sometimes it can be challenging to stay hydrated. Learn more from our Droplet community.

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