At Home

Droplet enables those receiving care at home to stay hydrated, significantly reducing the risk of dehydration and related infections and illnesses.

If you’re caring for a friend, relative or loved one, it’s not easy to make sure they’re drinking enough, especially when you can’t be there all the time. Droplet provides independent drinking from a familiar mug or tumbler, with the additional support and re-assurance of a familiar voice message which reminds your loved one to drink if they forget.

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Why Droplet®?

When you’re dehydrated you’re at greater risk of falls, urinary tract infections and other dehydration related illnesses, which in turn can lead to hospital admissions and more serious conditions. Droplet improves health and

well-being by encouraging people to drink more and stay hydrated.

The Droplet Difference

“It’s wonderful to now see patients and carers benefiting so greatly from Droplet – the feedback we’ve had  has been phenomenal.”

The Droplet Difference

“I believe totally in the use of Droplet to improve hydration with significant numbers of residents in Care Homes.”

The Droplet Difference

“Introducing Droplet has made a huge improvement in our care home. The flashing light helps us know if the resident hasn’t drunk and then we can go over and help them to drink.”

The Droplet Difference

“Droplet has helped me spot residents who aren’t drinking regularly as you can see the flashing lights when you walk past. I have noticed that since using Droplet our residents are drinking more and are more alert.”

The Droplet Difference

"Droplet has helped my residents enormously. Our Doctor has noticed that they are brighter and more animated since using Droplet."

The Droplet Difference

"A Bournemouth University graduate is helping to solve the problems of dehydration amongst hospital patients and care home residents, with a revolutionary new product."

We'll keep you hydrated

At Droplet we understand the importance of healthy hydration, but we know that sometimes it can be challenging to stay hydrated. Learn more from our Droplet community.