The Intelligent Hydration System that reminds you to drink.

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Droplet® Smart Base

The heart of Droplet is the electronic smart base.

Droplet monitors the frequency of drinking. If you forget to drink, Droplet’s flashing lights are an instant visual reminder.

The Smart base attaches to both the Droplet Mug and Tumbler.

  • Reminder lights

  • Voice messages

  • Night light

Droplet® Smart Base

Reminder Lights

The Droplet Smart Base illuminates to remind you to drink, ideal for those who need additional support or who have poor hearing.

  • Lights flash gently

  • Alerts carers

  • Instant visual reminder

Droplet® Smart Base

Personalised Voice Messages

Personalise Droplet by recording your own messages to encourage your loved one or relative to drink.

Or select the friendly pre-set messages as the reminder.



  • Record your own messages

  • Simple to program

  • Friendly reminders

Droplet® Smart Base

For night time drinking

The handy night light helps you to easily locate Droplet when it’s time for a drink.

The light and voice reminders deactivate for an uninterrupted night’s sleep.


  • Night light

  • Soft glow

  • Light level sensor

Droplet® Mug

Dignified design

For people who have problems with dexterity, vision and perception.

Designed to look like a familiar ceramic mug, whilst being lightweight.

Measuring lines for monitoring fluid levels and preparing thickened drinks.



  • Fits onto the Smart base

  • Easy to grip and hold

  • Discreet 100ml measuring lines

Droplet® Mug

Dementia Friendly

Drinking enough can be particularly challenging for those with dementia.

The bright blue colour helps people with dementia recognise their drink.

The handle has been designed for weak or swollen hands to hold and grip.



  • Bright blue colour

  • Comfort-grip handle

  • Ergonomically designed

Droplet® Mug

Easy to clean

Developed in partnership with Infection Control Nurses.

Droplet’s hygienic design minimises places where bacteria can grow.

Made from Tritan TM which is lightweight, scratch, odour, shatter and stain resistant.


  • For hot and cold drinks

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Durable

Droplet® Tumbler

For cold drinks

The Droplet tumbler has a blue tint so water appears fresh and appealing.

Designed to look like a traditional glass, but is lightweight and easy to hold.

  • Monitor fluid consumption

  • Discreet 100ml measuring lines

  • Helps in preparation of thickened drinks

Droplet® Tumbler

Developed in partnership with infection control nurses

Droplet’s hygienic design minimises where bacteria can grow and helps to reduce the spread of infection.

The Droplet Smart Base and Flow Control Lid fits to the Droplet Tumbler.

  • Easy to clean

  • Infection control

  • Dishwasher safe

Droplet® Flow Control Lid

For people with tremors or trouble swallowing.

Provides dignified support by controlling the flow of liquid.

Developed in partnership with speech and language therapists.

Made from Tritan TM which is lightweight, durable, scratch, odour, shatter and stain resistant.


  • Fits the Droplet Mug and Tumbler

  • Comfortable spout

  • Hole for a drinking straw

  • Dishwasher safe

Available now

The Droplet® Hydration Kit

A perfect starter set for personal use at home.

Available to buy on Amazon.

Containing the Droplet four piece hydration system.

  • Includes the Droplet Smart Base

  • Droplet Mug

  • Droplet Tumbler

  • 2 x Droplet Flow Control Lids

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Droplet's reminder lights and friendly voice messages help people to maintain healthy hydration levels.

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