Liven up your H20

Water is the very essence of life and is so good for our health. From lubricating joints to supporting dementia sufferers and promoting great kidney health – several glasses a day helps us in so many ways.

We know it can get boring to drink so much plain water but fortunately with some simple (and fun!) tweaks, you can jazz up your glass to create an assortment of hydrating treats for your taste buds that are low in sugar and easy to create at home…

  • Add fruit

Bursting with natural flavours, a little fruit packs a real punch on taste and has the added benefit of providing extra nutrients too. Try a few crushed berries in the summer, or opt for a mix of clementine and lemon in the autumn. Lime is another great addition to add a fresh and zesty flavour. To ensure the flavour of the fruit really comes through, prepare it in a big jug of water and leave the juices to infuse overnight.

  • Try a few leaves too…

Instead of throwing away any leftover herbs, try popping them into a glass of water instead. Mint provides an instantly uplifting drink whilst a mix of thyme and lemon or raspberry with basil is a delicious combination. There are no set rules about flavours so experiment as much as possible until you find a selection that you really enjoy.

  • Infuse with your favourite juice

A dash of juice is all it takes to create a nice twist and keeps the sugar content low too. Pour your water, add a quick shot of your preferred juice and finish with a squeeze of lime. Hey presto!

  • Prepare juice-infused ice cubes

Another way to create a low sugar glass of water is to pop some fruity ice cubes into your glass. Cranberry and blackcurrant are great for adding a bold flavour and you could even try freezing real fruit into ice blocks! All you need is an ice cube tray and you’re all set.

  • Alternate between still & sparkling water

There’s no great differences in the health benefits of still or sparkling, both count towards your daily intake so alternate between the two to keep things fresh. Alternatively, why not combining the two?

  • Fruit freezer sticks

From orange and cucumber slices to berries on cocktail sticks, freezing fruit is a brilliant way to naturally infuse plain water. Make them up in batches and store them in zip lock bags in the freezer for quick and easy access.

  • Herbal Tea Infusion

Love mint or green tea? Try adding a dash to your water along with some ice for a new take on your favourite herbal tea. For a deeper flavour leave it to infuse overnight in the fridge.

  • Add an elixir

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, a dash of honey and lemon or a teaspoon of maple syrup adds a sweet touch that won‘t overload you with sugar. Alternatively try a natural sweetener like stevia which you can pick up from most health food shops.

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