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  • 5 piece set contains: Electronic Smart Base, Mug, Tumbler and x2 Flow Control Lids
  • Adapts to your needs: Smart Base easily attaches to the Droplet Mug or Tumbler
  • Drink detection technology: friendly voice messages and reminder light settings
  • Nightlight function allows the user to easily locate their drink
  • Made from Tritan which is scratch, shatter, stain and odour resistant
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Droplet Intelligent Hydration System – The hydration aid revolutionising how we tackle dehydration.

The Droplet Intelligent Hydration System reduces the risk of dehydration by encouraging you to drink, significantly reducing the risk of dehydration and related infections and illnesses. The sophisticated Electronic Smart Base plays friendly pre-set or personalised voice messages and friendly reminder lights, which helps maintain healthy hydration levels. Droplet is completely adaptable to individual needs, the Electronic Smart Base fits onto the Droplet Mug or Tumbler and the Flow Control Lid can be added if additional support is required.

As you age, become ill or in colder months your body’s natural thirst response diminishes and you can forget to drink. If you’re caring for a friend, relative or loved one, it’s not easy to make sure they’re drinking enough, especially when you can’t be there all the time. The Droplet memory aid provides independent drinking from a familiar mug or tumbler, with the additional support and reassurance of a familiar voice message which reminds your loved one to drink if they forget.


Droplet Smart Base

The heart of Droplet is the Electronic Smart Base, which monitors how frequently the user drinks. The illuminating base gives a provide a visual reminder to take a drink or alert carers. Droplet® also plays friendly pre-set messages when it’s time to drink which can be personalised by love ones or carers. The timer can be set to 20, 40 and 60-minute intervals and features volume control to suit different environments.
Wipe clean only.

Droplet Tumbler

The Droplet Tumbler has been designed to look like a traditional glass but is lightweight and easy to hold. It has a blue tint, so water appears fresh and appealing. Features 100ml and 200ml discrete measuring lines. Dishwasher safe.

Droplet Mug

The Droplet Mug is ideal for people who have problems with dexterity, vision and perception. It’s been designed to look like a familiar ceramic mug, whilst being lightweight and durable. Features 100ml and 200ml discrete measuring lines. Dementia friendly two-tone design and comfort-grip handle make it easy for people with swollen joints to hold. Dishwasher safe.

Droplet Flow Control Lid

The Droplet Flow Control Lid has been developed in partnership with Speech and Language Therapists. It helps prevent spills and provides dignified support by controlling the flow of liquid for people who have tremors or trouble swallowing. Features a discrete spout and a hole for a drinking straw. Fits onto Droplet Mug and Tumbler Dishwasher safe.

Box Contains

  • x1 Droplet Electronic Smart Base
  • x1 Droplet Mug 200ml
  • x1 Droplet Tumbler 200ml
  • x2 Droplet Flow Control Lids
  • User manual

27 reviews for Droplet Intelligent Hydration System

  1. Zak

    If you have an elderly parent or grandparent who you know regularly struggles to drink enough, Droplet is essential.

  2. S. Maylor

    This seems to be a unique product in the marketplace, and is so clever to encourage people to drink. With all the talk of dementia linked to dehydration recently, it’s great to have been able to buy a product to encourage a loved one to drink.

  3. M. Ridley

    This is great! Everyone needs to drink more to stay healthy. I love the fact this product verbally and visually encourages you to drink. I never drink enough fluids in my busy life. Very attractive too!

  4. Sue O

    This was brought for my Dad who suffers from dementia and was not drinking enough. Now when the reminder goes off he has a drink. I think sometimes it get on his nerves but it does remind him to have a drink.

  5. Wendy Jones

    What a clever and useful invention, I am surprised it has never been thought of before. I was a nurse for much of my career and I can think of many patients for whom this would have been useful. The box contains a plastic tumbler, a plastic mug, the electronic base unit and two lids which you can drink through or push a straw into. The tumbler and mug are light but with the addition of the base unit and fluid feel a more normal weight. The timers are easy to set once the batteries are added. A point of note, these do not come with the product. There are pre set messages or you can add your own messages.

    Ostensibly this product is for people with dementia to remind them to drink. However, in reality there are so many more uses. If I do not drink enough I get migraine. I work at a computer for many hours each day and often forget to drink when I am engrossed in my work. I thrown numerous hot drinks down the sink. Therefore, I can see this will be a real boon for me, and any busy person who forgets they need to hydrate to keep going.

    I think this is one of the best innovations I have seen and can haughty recommend

  6. Petra

    Droplet Intelligent Hydration System is a handy duo of drinking implements to have especially for those who need to drink regularly for health reasons. The fact it has a timer which reminds you to drink either by using verbal commands you can even record your own it also has an alarm system plus the base lights up, which also provides a nightlight which personally I do find very useful.
    The voice command which allows you to record your own voice is especially useful for dementia patients as they need to hear voices which they are used too as hearing a strange automated recording of a voice they are not familiar with will could irritate them. I need to drink water regularly due to a medical condition but like everyone, I forget very easily. This system reminds me, therefore, making sure I am regularly hydrated.
    The quality of the actual beaker and glass which are made from a good quality plastic which is smooth to the touch and very easy to hold, the timer does provide extra weight but not overly heavy, the extra weight prevents the beaker from toppling over though with the broad base means it does not topple over easy. Both the blue and clear beaker has a lid which fits neatly and firmly, this is easy to remove, I do like the fact it has a hole for a straw.
    Each button on the timer is coloured and for each section they are in bright traffic light colours, therefore making it easy to set each control.
    I love the Droplet Intelligent Hydration System to anyone who needs fluids regularly for whatever reason. I particularly like it for the elderly or those who need help regarding their fluid intake.
    Happy to recommend…

  7. D Deacon

    Basically a reminder to drink system which works well for its intended people but not really suited to dementia patients. What would be useful for their carers would be a simple system which could monitor the quantity of water say by weight, how often it had been drunk and how often filled. So that the carer(s) can monitor the quanitity consumed at any point. If it kept track over time then the pattern of consumption could be monitored. An LCD rather than say a speech system would be better or a link to a smartphone. When caring it’s easy to lose track of such.

  8. Fallen

    A really good idea and a really good design. They’re made from durable and good quality plastic and aimed primarily at those experiencing dementia. It’s obviously important to preserve as much independence as possible as well as maintain good physical health facilitated by having enough fluids.

    This hydration system allows an alarm to be set, or even a vocal recorded reminder which is easy to do, and a light to come on at the base of the mug as another visual reminder. It’s an excellent idea and works as designed.

  9. Kass

    This is a really well designed bit of kit, which is so useful if you have an elderly relative, who you know (or suspect) forgets to drink as much or as often as they should. There are lots of ways to personalise it, one of the best being the option to have someone record reminder messages, which can be automatically played back, cycling through, so that if the initial reminder/s are not heeded. Our family has a history of kidney problems and so this is a really ingenious idea, particularly for the older members of the family.

    The set comes with the clever base, which lights up as well as talking to you, but it also with a handy mug and a tumbler, which are both made of lightweight plastic, which are easy to lift and hold without dropping, but if you do, then they won’t break. We have only really been using this with water – not for hot drinks, but with the weather we have been having, it has been an absolute godsend for an elderly relative. The base runs on AAA batteries, which you obviously need to change when they run low, so that you don’t break the routine, but they seem to last a long time.

    Such a clever idea and so effective and could really help someone who might otherwise get very poorly due to dehydration. I can imagine that these will be more and more widespread as they catch on.

  10. M. Williams

    I took the opportunity to test this system despite the fact that arguably it’s not for my personal use, it would have been of great benefit to my dad who unfortunately passed away before he could use it. I say arguably not for my use, although I struggle to hydrate myself to the required frequency, particularly in the afternoon and evening.

    At the core of this system is the electronic smart base that screws easily onto either the transparent plastic tumbler, or the blue plastic mug. There are four coloured buttons on the smart base that allow you to change the settings for how and when it reminds the patient when they need to drink. I didn’t have any difficulty changing these settings, but – sorry to be ageist – I suspect a lot of older people would struggle with the small writing on the smart base, the use of colour alone to distinguish the functions of the buttons, and way dependence on audible feedback for button presses. I suspect a deaf person would be unable to set the device up, a colour blind person might not understand which button is which, a person with poor eyesight might not be able to read the writing. All of these are disabilities that afflict older people – the target user. I guess this might explain why the device seems to be targeted at carers who presumably have no disabilities.

    Because I was only testing the unit, not using it for my dad, I persevered for many days trying to make it speak its hydration warnings but all I could get out of it was the flashing LED warnings. I suspect my smart base might be faulty but I lack the energy to put in a support request to the manufacturers. The LED reminder was adequate for my needs. When it worked at its best I’d only say it prompted better hydration habits, it doesn’t enforce them with an iron fist. Maybe that’s all that’s required to improve the habits of a patient who doesn’t drink quite enough. I feel that if hydration is an extreme medical necessity then maybe actual human contact with a patient is the way to achieve this, and maybe this droplet system fits somewhere in the spectrum of patients – those whose hydration needs aren’t being met, maybe through forgetfulness. People with dementia, or maybe who are immobile and suffer urinary problems that make them want to drink less to limit their use of the bathroom.

    The various components of the system, the cup, tumbler, lids and smart base are all built to good standards, and the price of the system seems reasonable. I suspect the market for this device is very large – many many people would benefit from being reminded they should drink more, although I suspect an app on a smartphone might suffice for many people.

  11. Tox

    My mum is now at an age where she forgets to do things and that includes drinking. This was an item that jumped out as something that might help her. When it arrived I was impressed by the build and the ease of setup. The process is simple to follow and the control buttons are intuitive. We recorded specific messages for her so that the voice was one that she would recognise and we let her loose with it. As well as playing the reminder message, the cup base flashes lights reminding you to drink to provide a visual reminder.

    Initially the cup was working well, she had it beside her chair and had a jug of water handy and she was taking a drink every time the reminder played. We noted that she was drinking when the reminders played and that was great. Washing up is easy, the cup and glass both go in the dishwasher and are unbreakable.

    All well and good then? Well, no. This is no fault of the product itself but is an issue that is likely to come up elsewhere. The last time I popped in to visit, the cup was in the kitchen with a tea towel over it like a naughty parrot in its cage. It appears that after a time, the regular reminders become an annoyance and I was told that mum was getting tired of my voice popping up telling her to have a drink. I suppose the context the cups used in will be a consideration, I can see this being a great short term tool but my experience is that users become irritated by it after a while. That is a challenge to long term use.

  12. Mrs K. W.

    I was so amazed to see this and wished I’d had the sense to check if such products were available a few years ago when I was very ill – I’ve an autoimmune condition that leaves me without a natural thirst (permanently dry) so unless I like whatever I choose to drink I just don’t think about it (unfortunately currently real Coke – the full strength stuff) is the only (!) fluid that hits the mark). So I’ve often been classed as either dehydrated or nearly so ending up in A&E needing fluids. Being told I need to drink is pointless – I KNOW that – I’m just one of these people who gets so distracted that before I know it an hour or more can pass before I think to drink. So this item really intrigued me. It sounded too good to be true but already it’s proving its wee weight in tons of gold! The system comprises of the Droplet computer system, encased in solid waterproof and shock resistant plastic. Along with that you get a cup with a perfect handle for those of us with hand arthritis, and a beaker, both of which also have “sippy cup” lids – that allow you to drink without spilling anything and less likely to have the drink all over the floor if dropped. THe lids also allow for a straw if desired.

    The heart of the system is brilliant – way better than just a basic alarm reminder for me. Every aspect of it can be personalised from the ability to write a name on to the messages provided. It has 4 coloured buttons which allow for 6 different functions – Power on/off, Volume, Message Timer, Warning light timer, Night light, Message functions, and Reset to default messages.

    When you first switch it on, a red light will start to flash on the base, and the system will run through the status of all functions e.g. “Power on, Message timer 20 minutes, Night Light off” etc The default messages are a shade patronising – but useful enough if you don’t have time or interest to create your own. But the beauty of this is the microphone allowing you to personalise it which is brilliant for anyone elderly who’ll respond better to a familiar voice. Ironically I found even my own “You need to drink NOW!!” rather irritating after hearing it for the umpteenth time and I found myself ignoring it somewhat :). SO I took to getting a recording of Father Teds housemate shouting “Drink, Drink” – that certainly got my attention more. But you’re not let away with ignoring the system for long. There are 3 recordings each of which will play one after the other depending how long the previous one is ignored. I think each gives around 5 mins before switching to the next. Alongside this, blue lights will flash so that if you’re hard of hearing or like me just out of the room you’ll have a visual reminder. Once you drink, the blue lights flash again briefly to show the system has noted the position change & thus resets itself back to whatever time frame you’ve chosen.

    Unfortunately because of severe hand arthritis I couldn’t hold the tumbler and didn’t particularly want to use the mug for drinking a cold drink from so instead I opted to keep my usual glass and just use the unit manually instead which worked just as well. I just had to remember to turn it upside down to get the time to reset.

    Overall, I think this system is superb and while perhaps a shade costly for more than one person, for me it’s a case of what price your health. The cost to the NHS of treating dehydration alone is probably quite high given how it requires a doctor, nurse, a saline drip & a min of an hour to put through, so this is certainly a much better option. I’m just so grateful to have discovered it and know I’ll be recommending it to many others who’re either in the same situation as me, or have relatives who need constant prompting. Perhaps the only tiny suggestion I’d make for any future variants is to maybe make the tumbler narrower or provide an extra one tho I appreciate that may increase the price.

  13. Mrs. A. Wright

    This is an excellent device. Ideal for the older person or the sick. Consists of a mug and tumbler both with lids.These both look like normal containers which is important for the dignity of the recipient. They are controlled by a smart base. This base takes 3 AAA batteries which are not supplied. Coloured switches are on the base with corresponding instructions. These are on off, volume, the message timer, warning lights timer, message playback/recorder and a reset button. There are 3 prerecorded messages but it is also possible to record your own message. I think this is excellent because it is very personal and the aged or sick may well take comfort on hearing the voice to the carer. As well a as the voice warning there are also blue flashing lights on the bottom. This are not frightening just enough to tell the person they should have a drink. There is also a night time lightt which goes on when dark. My husband probably could do with this although I do remind him most of the time. He is fit enough but does forget to drink. I nursed my mother through her last illness and would have loved this device. Only when you have needed it do you realise the value of it. I an using it now although it is not strictly necessary yet. It is a great device.

  14. Mrs. L. Evans

    This is an ingenious product and a marvelous and dignified aid to the infirm, elderly and in particular, for use with those with dementia.

    I won’t go into the many innovative features as there is an extensive blurb by Amazon and a small but comprehensive instruction booklet.
    accompanying the product.

    I am a mature undergraduate who, when end-of-module time arrives, suffers from insomnia at night and falling asleep at my desk during the daytime. I often have cold untouched mugs of coffee which, on two occasions have been tipped over the top of my desk, a problem which the Droplet Intelligent Hydration System has solved. The recorded messages remind me to drink so there are no longer untouched cups of coffee and although untried as yet, spillage would be reduced to a minimum if not eradicated altogether.

    The product doesn’t have that ‘depressing’ look to it but just looks smart and hi-tech. The mug, in particular, has a very smart appearance; added to which, it can be put in the dishwasher.

    This is a truly great product and one, I highly recommend.

    5 stars!

  15. Bonver

    What a fantastic product. This is currently being used for my elderly gran who is in the early stages of dementia and for most part of the day is bed bound, and having this gives us both reassurance when we’re not around, whilst also helping her medically.

    The bottom of the mug lights up when it’s time to drink, and goes red at night. It talks if you haven’t drank for a while. The mug itself is alright, it’s pretty ugly looking but that’s not the main concern here – i’m just so grateful someone has thought of something like this, it really is a wonderful idea for a product which is helping a group that often gets overlooked, because they can’t do things we take for granted. My gran forgets to eat if we don’t tell her, so drinking is also a worry, and it’s not down to anything else other than forgetfulness. This sorts out the problem.

    My only criticisms are that it’s a little unusual to drink from and that the voice is mildly patronising, but as most users of this i’m sure will appreciate it’s benefits over these tiny niggles.

  16. Metacritic

    A couple of plastic drinking vessels a mug and tumbler both with lids, both are constructed from a tough plastic which is scratch and shatter proof.

    What sets these out is that as well being conventional cups the can be used with the electronic smart base to allow it provide both sound and visual cues and alerts to signal a drink should be taken. The product is designed for elderly and convalescing for whom taking in fluids is vital for maintaining health. The base operates from 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied), and has a few built in audio alerts, with an option to create custom messages.

    For most of us this is perhaps not necessary however this can be invaluable solution for elderly or infirm to encourage them to drink at regular intervals.

  17. Haselbury

    Such a brilliant idea!

    You get both a mug and a tumbler- both plastic; lightweight and less likely to break than glass or ceramic, which is in itself an important consideration for those with impaired grip/ strength.
    The electronic base unit requires 3 AAA batteries (not supplied)

    The purpose is an aid to remember to drink regularly to maintain adequate hydration levels and this is achieved either via flashing blue lights in the base unit or via vocalised messages, you can choose one of 3 pre-recorded messages however you can also record your own message which personalises the care.
    Both cups come with lids and are comfortable to hold. A really simple and effective idea!

  18. Carole Winstone

    Bought for my father who was admitted to hospital in the summer months when it was really hot. It reminds him he should be drinking more and very easy to use. Although fairly pricey, I think it is worth the money.

  19. Vicky

    Great for my mum who has dementia.

  20. Sassy Brit

    I am reviewing the Droplet Intelligent Hydration System. Here are my thoughts:

    It’s strange because looking at this I instantly felt it was an ‘older persons’ thing, and quite rightly it is very suitable for the old and infirm to use as a reminder to drink, but it is also invaluable for people (at any age) who have specific health conditions, or perhaps just have a cold, and need to keep up their fluid intake.

    I don’t drink nearly enough water and this helps to remind me to do so. What I love about this (and I love many things this product features) is how it comes with two vessels, one for water and one that is shaped like a mug and can be used for things like tea or special mixes. They also come with their own lids to prevent spillage for to keep warm drinks warmer for longer.

    The actual reminder system is very easy to use, and there’s no difficult programming. Just a switch on the bottom of the base, which you can then attach a mug to it. In addition, another thing I love is that is can play pre-set messages, or you can add your own personalised voice messages. A lovely, very thoughtful touch, I must say!

    The Droplet Flow Control Lid has been developed in partnership with Speech and Language Therapists. It helps prevent spills and provides dignified support by controlling the flow of liquid for people who have tremors or trouble swallowing. Features a discrete spout and a hole for a drinking straw. Fits onto Droplet® Mug and Tumbler Dishwasher safe.

    The base is wipe clean only but has a warning sign (flashing lights) that works if you should try to put this in water/dishwasher by accident. Very happy to recommend!

  21. J.T. D.

    Working in a care home setting, Fluid intake/hydration is one of the main concern when looking after the welfare of a person or residents.
    Care staff cannot be there at all time to offer, to remind or to give you the fluids you need to take to reach your target or desired amount of fluids.
    Care home sometimes ends of being litigated and accused of negligence because the resident hasn’t been drinking or hydrated enough
    that leads to dehydration, hospitalization and to the worst case even death.

    This innovative product can be helpful in achieving the person’s target fluid intake especially the elderly, some who are suffering from dementia,
    and even everyone who hasn’t got the time to remind themselves to drink.
    The product comes with the electronic smart base that illuminates, speaks and reminds you to drink -night or day.
    It can be set to every 20, 40 or 60 minutes. This electronic smart base requires 3 AAA batteries.

    The mug and the tumbler has an attractive design that looks real and can hold up to 300mls of fluids. The mug is ideal and very useful for frail elderly who’s got difficulties holding the tumbler due to arthritis or deformities. It is lightweight and very easy to hold.

    The two control flow lid with a discrete spout and a hole for a drinking straw is another useful product that helps the person
    (especially persons or elderly suffering from Parkinson’s, tremors, and some who have swallowing difficulties) preventing spillage of their drinks.
    The discrete spout lid doesn’t stop the flow of “syrup-thickened” fluids which helps the person with swallowing difficulty to drink with ease.
    The transparent design lid helps the person to see-through if he or she still have sufficient amount of fluids in the mug or might needs topping up.

    Recommended product to those family members or persons who are looking after their love frail elderly, suffering from dementia, other medical condition that affects their with swallowing and has a swallowing problem, or those who just simply unable to keep their self-reminded to get hydrated.

  22. Mr Bigsby

    We’ve set this up to help our 96 year old mother take her regular drink throughout the day. We had been using Alexa to remind her . Which worked OK but if she failed to hear the reminder for whatever reason there was little else to help. With this Droplet Intelligent system not only does she receive an audio reminder but also a visual reminder which still reminds her even when she might miss the audio. It also enables myself and my sister to track that she has taken enough drinks over a period. The best bit that our Mum likes though is that, due to the soft light glowing in the base, she can see the mug at night clearly in the dark .The lids also mean its more difficult to accidentally spill any liquid. All in all a very useful aid that is fleixible and practical

  23. Moose Papoose

    I took this into hospital for my elderly mother who is suffering from an acute heart condition. The nursing staff were impressed with Droplet and, I believe, are ordering some for the ward. Everything about this has been thoughtfully considered and designed, from the special handle, the robust triton material from which it is made, the aqua colour of the tumbler to make the water look fresh, the electronic smart base which monitors water intake, to the gentle reminding voice. It’s ergonomically designed, minimises bacterial and is incredibly smart. It’s modern and now that it’s been invented, essential. We wouldn’t be without our’s.

  24. Julia C

    This is a really great idea. It is aimed at older people and people with dementia, but to be honest could be just as handy for busty people who don’t drink as much as they should do throughout the day. The lit includes a tumbler and mug, together with a base unit. You can either drink from it normally or use a straw. It needs batteries which then allow you to set timers for reminders. You can customise your own messages which is a nice touch.

  25. M Andy Nolan

    I found this ok to set up. I read the instructions twice before I set it up. It was then fine!
    It’s been really useful for making sure that my mum drinks enough through the day. She finds the way it reminds her useful.
    I think this is a great item for older people or people who are not well

  26. Amanda

    This is great! Everyone needs to drink more to stay healthy. I love the fact this product verbally and visually encourages you to drink. I never drink enough fluids in my busy life. Very attractive too!

  27. S. Maylor

    This seems to be a unique product in the marketplace, and is so clever to encourage people to drink. With all the talk of dementia linked to dehydration recently, it’s great to have been able to buy a product to encourage a loved one to drink.

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Damaged Products

If your order arrives damaged, or is faulty when first received, we will issue a replacement (if possible) or refund subject to the following process being met. Please follow the below instructions if you have received damaged or faulty products;

  • Notify us at returns@droplet-hydration.com of your claim for damaged or faulty product quoting your order number.
  • Provide proof of purchase.
  • Provide a detailed description of the damage or fault and provide photographic evidence to support the claim.
  • We will then contact you to process the refund/replacement (if possible) or request the product be sent back to us for further investigation if necessary.