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If you've got a question about Droplet® have a look at our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy Droplet® ?

    Droplet is currently only available for Health Care Professionals working in hospitals, care homes and in the community by ordering directly with Spearmark Health.

    However from early Summer 2018 an “At Home Starter Pack” comprising of a Droplet Mug, a Droplet Tumbler, a Droplet Smart Base and two Droplet Flow Control Lids will be available to purchase from AMAZON.

  • Can I conduct a trial?

    Spearmark Health has completed its Droplet trial. However if you would like to conduct your own trial, please contact our sales team for more information.

  • How will Droplet® benefit me or my family?

    Dehydration isn’t just a dangerous condition, it can lead to many serious illnesses too.

    Staying properly hydrated is a really simple way to decrease the chances of developing urinary tract infections, kidney problems and much more. If you are unwell or old, your natural thirst response lessens which gradually lowers the body’s ability to regulate its fluid balance.

    Adults over the age of 60 who drink only when they are thirsty probably get only about 90% of the fluid they need, the effects can be devastating.

    Older people in care homes especially with dementia, diabetes and kidney problems are at most risk of dehydration. Hydrated people who get enough water tend to suffer less constipation, use less laxatives, have fewer falls and, for men, may have a lower risk of bladder cancer.

    Droplet reminds people to drink more, more often, via verbal and visual prompts.

    In product trials fluid intake was over 60% more a day (+500ml) and with greater hydration your general health and well-being improves.

  • How much does Droplet® cost?

    The Droplet Mugs & Tumblers are sold in 12’s with each Mug costing £6 (Exc. VAT) each and each Tumbler costing £4 (Exc. VAT).

    The Droplet Control Flow lids are sold in 6’s each costing £2 each (Exc. VAT), whilst the Droplet Smart Base are sold singularly costing £13 (Exc. VAT) each.

  • How does Droplet® work?

    Droplet is a modular hydration solution that encourages people to drink more, more often. It has been developed in conjunction with over 100 Health Care Professionals to reduce people's risk of dehydration in hospitals, care homes and at home.

    The heart of the system is a sophisticated reminder base that can talk to the user if they are not drinking enough, and warns the carer & the user if they haven’t drunk for some time.

    At night the reminder base doubles up as a night light so your mug or tumbler is always accessible.

    The Droplet Reminder Base can be easily attached to the bottom of the Droplet Mug or Tumbler. Droplet is very simple to use.

    Once Droplet is turned on it will talk you through the current settings.

    If you want to alter any of the settings, press the relevant function button and it will talk you through the process, step by step.

  • What is in the Droplet® range?

    The Droplet range consists of 4 products; a mug, tumbler, Control Flow lid and Smart base. They all work together to form a modular hydration solution adaptable to the individuals needs.

    A lightweight mug with a broad stable base. Its chunky opened ended handle allows people with weak or arthritic hands to easily grip the body of the mug with one or both hands.

    A lightweight transparent tumbler with a broad stable base. It has a carefully selected blue tint that when water is poured into it gives the appearance of increased coldness to encourage usage.

    A transparent lid with a discreet recessed spout that controls the flow of liquids including Stage 2 thickened drinks to the patient. It also features a hole for either a Pat Saunders or a regular straw. It provides dignified support for those who suffer from tremors or dysphagia.

    The electronic reminder base is ideal for people who need to be prompted to drink. It is easily attachable to the base of either the mug or tumbler and has 3 systems; A verbal Reminder, A Visual Reminder and Night Light.

  • How do I clean Droplet® ?

    The Droplet Mug, Tumbler and Flow Control lid can all be cleaned in the dishwasher.

    The Smart base has electrical components so DO NOT put in water or in a dishwasher.
    Gently clean the Smart base using a damp cloth or anti-bacterial wipe.

    If by mistake the base is left attached to either the mug or tumbler and put into the dishwasher, it will start flashing. This will remind you to remove the base before washing.

  • How do I record personalised audio messages?

    To record your own message, press and release the BLUE BUTTON on the Droplet Smart base.
    The system will play you a message, then it will ask you if you want to keep the message or record a new one.

    To record a new message press and hold the BLUE BUTTON. As soon as you hear a “Beep” keep pressing the BLUE BUTTON and you can start recording you own message by speaking clearly into the mic located in the base next to the battery hatch.

    Each message can be a maximum of 15 seconds.

    Once you have finished recording, release the BLUE BUTTON and it will play back your personalised message and give you the option to keep your personalised message or re-record it.

    If you decide to keep the message, press and release the BLUE BUTTON again, it will move to the next message.

    Should you wish to re-record your message press and hold the BLUE BUTTON and repeat this process.

  • How do I set the warning lights?

    The warning light can be set to repeat every 20, 40 or 60 minutes if the cup has not been drunk from.
    The warning light can also be turned off.

    To check the current warning light timer setting, press and release the YELLOW BUTTTON on the Droplet Smart Base, Droplet will state the current setting.

    To change the warning light timer setting, press and release the YELLOW BUTTON again and it will take you to the next setting.

    Repeat this process until you have reached your desired setting.

  • How do I change the batteries?

    The Smart base requires 3 x AAA 1.5v batteries.
    Simply open the battery compartment, insert 3 x AAA 1.5v batteries in the correct polarity and close the compartment.

    We recommend using alkaline or lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries are not suitable.

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