Keep dehydration at bay with these tips to help you drink more this winter

It’s a common misconception that we need less water in winter. Central heating combined with colder temperatures can trick us into thinking we aren’t thirsty but dehydration isn’t a seasonal thing. Despite the rain, sleet and snow – it’s essential we get plenty of h20!

Embrace positive habits with our tips to keep you hydrated throughout winter:-

  • A good reminder that you need to drink regularly is to fill a jug with fresh water at the start of the day and aim to have finished it by bedtime. Keep it in a room that you visit the most with a glass for quick top ups. If it’s visible, you’re more likely to drink regularly.
  • Warm or room temperature drinks are better at keeping your internal temperature optimal. Try things like a warm cup of water with lemon or herbal tea to keep things varied and interesting.
  • Follow the Droplet ’20-minute’ rule and hydrate three times an hour. Little and often is the key to good hydration so sip regularly and keep a cup close by. If you need a helping hand to remember, try the Droplet home kit. The audio reminders will ensure you’re getting ample fluids in each day and are especially useful for elderly people living independently at home.
  • Invest in a lightweight, portable water bottle that you can take with you wherever you go. From market to shops, library to bridge group, you’ll never be at risk of feeling thirsty.
  • Winter fruits are excellent sources of water. Apples, pears, satsumas and clementine’s all contain a large content of water AND they have the added benefit of being packed with vitamin C – a must have at this time of year. Eat them in abundance or squeeze them into water for a fresh and zingy flavour.
  • Soups and broths are a great way to warm the body and ensure you’re getting extra water and vitamins in too. Some great winter options are vegetable, minestrone, tomato and chicken based broths – all hearty, warming and delicious!

Have you got a great tip that works for you? Share it with us by emailing and you could win a Droplet Home Hydration Kit.

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